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The Innocence Project works to free those wrongly incarcerated. I support them. Holocaust survivor who works for peace. Become better informed about the injustice surrounding the death penalty. Let the life of the Peace Pilgrim inspire you. What do Clowns and Doctors have in Common? The Gesundheit institute is a utopian hospital that uplifts the spirit while healing the body. Imagine a world free from corporate rule. These people have.

Politics and Humor
Tally Briggs, a caustic, funny, & insightful political commentator The Brew gives thoughtful, curmugeonly commentary on politics Funny, sarcastic, Bush-bashingAmerica's Best Christian Lampoons Churchianity Here's a simple way to know who to vote for, look at their record on this non-partisan site.

Music and Arts
Bruce Cockburn, most celebrated singer/songwriter in Canada. Practically unknown here. Can you guess why?Carrie Newcomer. If you're human you'll find a song in her work she's written about you.

My Articles

Point of Inflection, 12/00, The Daily Brew
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Papa Bush, Baby Bush, and the Haitian Future of the US, 03/14/01
Beating, not Becoming Karl Rove, 03/30/01
Are you a debutante? 04/17/01
The God of the Right, circa 05/01/02
The Clueless Defector in Chief, 12/18/01
Itís Your Money, 01/12/02

My Chart Page on the Economic Performance of the Last Three Presidential Administrations

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