Are you better off?
Inequality and Class Stratification in America

for Work

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Last updated March 4th, 2011.

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Job Losses Reach 34 Year High
Unemployment hits 4-Year High
That Rosy Unemployment Rate
Understanding the Severity of the Current Labor Slump

New Jobs

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Last updated March 4th, 2011.

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Obama stimulus saves/creates 650k jobs

Lost Decade. Zero Private Sector Jobs Created 1999-2009
Worst Recession since Great Depression Easing
Most Jobs Lost in 34 Years.
Are the Bush 2003 Tax Cuts Creating Jobs?
Bush ends Benefits for Millions of Poor and Unemployed
How Clinton did it.
The Clinton Presidential Center


Source: Dow Jones.
Last updated March 4th, 2011.

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March 24th, 2009, the Obama Rally Begins.
Who is better for the Stock Market, Democrats or Republicans?
Surprise: Democrats Better for Rallies
Which Party in the White House Means Good Times for Investors?
Bush, Jr., Worse than Herbert Hoover
50 Years of Market Swings


The Gross National Debt
Last updated October 15th, 2010.

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TARP repayment lowers federal loss by $200 billion.
Deficit 1.2 Trillion as Obama Takes Office
Largest Budget Deficit Ever
Public Debt Exceeds 9 Trillion for First time.
The Idea of the Tax Cut that Pays for Itself is one of the Worst Ideas in Economics
Bush Has Borrowed More from Foreigners than All Previous Presidents Combined
Congressional Budget Office Sees 2005 Deficit at 317 Billion
2004 Budget Understates Spending by 87 Billion
The Amazing Dissappearing Budget
Fiscal Health Worse than Budget Implies


GDP Source: The Federal Reserve
Deflator Source: The Federal Reserve
Recession Data Source: National Bureau of Economic Research
Last updated December 22nd, 2010.
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The middle class is sharing less and less in the benefits they are creating
Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore
Four Deformations of the Apocalypse.
Deflating the Middle Class.
Striking it Richer. Share of Top 10% highest since records kept.
Trickle-Down R.I.P.
Re-elect a Republican, get a Banking Crisis
Republican Administrations create Inequality
For 30 years Republicans have lied about the role of government
Fourth Quarter 2008 worst percentage contraction since 1982
US Officially in Recession as of 12 2007
Work Harder, take home less
The Middle Class on the Edge
The Economic Legacy of George W. Bush
Chart of Before and After Bush; the state of the nation's economic health
Deficits will Constrain new President
Top 1% Share Highest Since 1929
Income Distribution
The Disappearing Middle Class
The Collapse of the Middle Class
Bush's War on the Poor
Bush blames his 1st Recesson on Clinton

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