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Peer Network Configuration
A Windows computer with a NIC installed will autoamtically load the "Client for Microsoft Networks". This program loads the TCP/IP protocol; the language the computer uses to communicate. During the initial setup the Windows will prompt you to enter some information.

  1. When prompted to enter an IP address, Windows will default to the "Obtain an IP Address automatically" option. Change this to "Specify an IP Address" and enter the new address and subnet in the appropriate fields.
  2. When prompted by Window, enter the computer's name and workgroup information.
    1. Enter a unique name for this w/s in the "Computer name" field.
    2. Enter a name for your workgroup in the "Domain" field.
    3. Enter a description of this PC in the "Computer Description" field.
  3. By default the "Client for Microsoft Networks" will attempt to login to and attach to a Windows NT server. There is no server in a peer network, so this setting must be changed.
    1. From the Network Configuration window, highlight the "Client for Microsoft Networks" and click on the Properties button.
    2. Remove the check from the "Logon to Windows NT Domain" box.
    3. Select one of the options from the "Network Logon options" portion of the window.
  4. Click on the OK button when done.

The basic configuration is now complete. You are ready to share resources, connect to other computers, or share printers.